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Park Royal

Advocates of the “Green City” concept, the creative team at WOHA developed a hotel design with a surreal appearance. PARKROYAL on Pickering is a highly modern architecture project in Singapore, combining concrete organic shapes with simple rectangular volumes and incredible sky-gardens. Greenery flourishes at every level.


Hutong extensions

Through a series of renovations and new insertions, Chinese architect Zhang Ke has transformed some of Beijing’s ageing hutongs into hubs of activity.

Zhang Ke and his studio ZAO/standardarchitecture embarked on the Micro Hutong Renewal project to highlight the potential in these hutong neighbourhoods – which are largely unique to the Chinese capital, but are gradually being demolished.

The aim is to show how the traditional courtyard properties can be adapted to create resources for local communities, ranging from children’s play areas to co-working spaces.

source : Dezeen






Penda proposes green-filled sky villa residences in India

Penda has shared the latest development for his Magic Breeze project in Hyderabad, India with the proposal of a residential idea of a ‘house with a garden’ to complement the maze-like garden landscape. The 450,000 square foot development is composed of 127 units; designed as duplex sky villas with each unit divided from its neighbor by a double-height, private garden. these green ‘in-between spaces’ create a sense of openness and vitality to the compound and loosens up the density a tenant would experience in a common condominium building. source : designboom





Seashore Library facing the East China Sea

Beijing studio Vector Architects built the aptly named Seashore Library on the white sands of a beach in Nandaihe, a coastal region in eastern China. The 450-square-meter structure is divided between two levels with the ground level comprising a reception, a bar, a resting area and a reading lounge while the first level hosts a meditation space, an activity room and a balcony.

source : dezeen


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Elias Rizo Arquitectos breathes new life into the 1960’s Casa Ro

The history of ‘casa ro’ designed by Mexican studio Elias Rizo Arquitectos begins at its original construction in the early 1960’s in a well established residential district of Guadalajara, Mexico. The existing structure was renovated to better suit the new small family that now calls it home, redefining spaces and construction techniques while maintaining vestiges of the international style that once defined it. The open floor plan interior is flanked by two new features that define the front and rear sections of the home.

Source : designboom




Another gem by MK27, Sao Paolo

In the Brazilian city of São Paulo, Studio MK27 has completed the design of ‘Ramp House’, a residential dwelling connected — as the name suggests — by a 25 meter incline. A sloping walkway links the living room at ground level with the bedrooms on the story above. This gradient also forms what the design team refers to as an ‘architectural promenade’ and allows the adjacent space to be observed from a number of different perspectives. SOURCE : Designboom


Adrian Noboa Arquitecto gives a new lease of life to Mid-Century family beach house, Lima

Adrián Noboa Arquitecto has remodeled and extended a beach house located on the hillside overlooking the sea and bay of Ancón, a district 43 km north of Lima, Peru. The clients are the third-generation owners of the property, and their purpose was to restore and re-value their grandparents’ original housing project. This house was originally designed in 1958 by Swiss architect Theodor Cron, whose architectural production has become reverent in modern peruvian architecture.

source : designboom



Zaha Hadid’s spectacular MMM Corones Museum

Located the summit plateau of Plan de Corones in the Italian Alps, the sixth and final museum dedicated to the career of Reinhold Messner has been been completed by Zaha Hadid Architects. Named ‘MMM Corones’, the institution, which is now open to the public, explores the discipline of mountain climbing through a unique collection of photographs and various items collected by Messner during his lifetime as an explorer. Messner is acclaimed for making the first ascent of Mount Everest without supplemental oxygen. source . design boom




zaha-hadid-reinhold-messner-mountain-museum-mmm-corones-kronplatz-alps-mountaintop-designboom-08 zaha-hadid-reinhold-messner-mountain-museum-mmm-corones-kronplatz-alps-mountaintop-designboom-09


Grupo Galpao by Mach Architects – Belo Horizonte Brazil



The building holds the new headquarters of Grupo Galpão, one of the most important companies on the Brazilian theatrical scene, and also the Galpão Cine Horto cultural center, which focuses on research, training and stimulating theatrical creation. The solution of the green facades comes from a successful experiment already performed in Mach Architect’s office which served to filter the sun into the work areas. The theater is the core of the building, surrounded by transparent and ventilated spaces covered by the skin of bamboo trees.

A timber clad box in Sao Paolo by my favorite architect of all times Marcio Kogan & his team






This two-storey residential property in São Paulo features a permeable ground floor that can be presented in a variety of configurations using movable panels. Designed by Marcio Kogan‘s architectural practice studio MK27, ‘tetris house’ is contained within a wooden box that shelters the washroom, the stairs, and a large dining room that opens towards the ample  garden at the rear of the plot. source : design boom

Qatar National Museum by Jean Nouvel

French architect Jean Nouvel is responsible for the design of the new National Museum of Qatar.
His concept reflects the vanishing bedouin cultures of Qatar, in an effort to embrace the realities
of a rapidly urbanization society, and maintain a connection to this fading world in which the
country sprang.
The starting points of the design began with the desert rose, which are tiny formations
which crystallize below the desert’s surface. Made primarily from steel and concrete which
will be locally sourced / fabricated, the new building will be constructed from dozens
of interlocking disk-like forms varying in curvature and diameter, suggestive of the blade-like
petals of the desert rose. source : designboom



John Lautner’s Iconic Sheats Residence, Beverly Hills built in 1963




This is a well known John Lautner house in Beverly Hills originally built for the Sheats Family in 1963 and currently owned by James Goldstein who purchased it in 1972. Goldstein engaged Lautner to make alterations and additions to the house which had fallen into some repair, and the two remained close until Lautner’s death in 1994.


Waterstudio completes single storey residence – Netherlands

This residential property in the Netherlands has been designed to comply with strict regulations that limit the height of the single storey structure. Completed by Koen Othuis of Dutch architecture practice Waterstudio.Nl, the property utilizes additional floor space at a subterranean level, providing extra surface within the limited dimensions of the building envelope. source : design boom




Switzerland Rocks

As a tribute to the alpine experience and the famed writer, Swiss studio bureau A has sited their project ‘Antoine’ within the vast, mountainous expanse of the alps. Commissioned during an artist residency at the Verbier 3D foundation, the architecture-cum-sculpture is inhabitable and structurally functional, comprising an indoor cabin with a fireplace, bed, table, stool and window. Literally hanging on the rock fall field, the small wooden dwelling hides its internal features within a projected concrete rock, deriving its shape from natural elements in its surrounding environment. ‘Antoine’ is, in part, derived from the long lasting swiss tradition of hidden bunkers and military infrastructure, referencing the writing of french philosopher paul virilio in 1975 on bunker archaeology and principles of camouflage — themes which have long since fascinated the architects. source : designboom

bureau-a-antoine-les-ruinettes-verbier-designboom-04 bureau-a-antoine-les-ruinettes-verbier-designboom-05 bureau-a-antoine-les-ruinettes-verbier-designboom-06 bureau-a-antoine-les-ruinettes-verbier-designboom-13 bureau-a-antoine-les-ruinettes-verbier-designboom-07

Frank Gehry’s major European retrospective opens at the Centre Pompidou in Paris till January 26th 2015

225 drawings, 67 models and supporting material, presenting a detailed portrait of the architect’s career since he set up his office in the early 1960s. The exhibition that just opened at the Centre Pompidou in Paris will be a welcome chance for professionals and architecture aficionados alike, to dip into the considerable body of the master’s oeuvre. source : wallpaper


06_Gehry-Pompidou 01_Gehry-Pompidou 02_Gehry-Pompidou 04_Gehry-Pompidou 05_Gehry-Pompidou 11_Gehry-Pompidou 08_Gehry-Pompidou 09_Gehry-Pompidou

Starck Styles Panama Tower by Bettis-Tarazi Architects

A world of whimsical inspired by Starck style and refined sophistication comes to Panama. Located in the heart of Balboa Avenue, a spectacular strip that borders the ocean and offers magnificent views of the Panama Bay and Panama Canal, the 56 story building with architecture by Bettis-Tarazi Arquitectos in collaboration with YOO, towers over the Panama landscape.