The Hamburger Foundation : Geneva’s answer to the perfect hamburger


Opened in 2012, The Hamburger Foundation is ranked 5th among the 10 best hamburgers in the world according to Twisper.

The online travel & lifestyle magazine Twisper listed The Hamburger Foundation among the 10 best hamburgers after Germany, Portugal & France.

Founded by 3 childhood friends, THF also runs Food Trucks in the streets of Geneva, allowing the general public to get a taste of their

limited yet very tasty menu. The founders, George, Marc & Yann spent a year in the US learn about all the subtleties of making the perfect burger.

All the ingredients are locally produced from the meat, to the tomatoes, the lettuce and the cheese.

Their Story :

“We’re three childhood friends who used to meet up in the only burger joint in town and dream of one day creating our own place. We all went our separate ways after school and time went by. Over the years, we learned about restaurants, marketing and acting, lived in the States, Paris and China and worked at many different jobs. All along we remained friends and kept talking about our old dream. Then one day we stopped talking and started planning. We’re not scientists or the next Steve Jobs so we picked the only idea we ever had: burgers, the ground zero of food. We set our goal to make the best possible burger and surround it with all the love and care of great hospitality. In the Summer of 2012, we reunited in Geneva, our hometown and started looking for a space and for the best food suppliers. We found the suppliers first and then built a food-truck to start cooking our burgers on the street. Today, we still have the truck, but we also have a restaurant and a team of about forty young amazing people helping us keep the dream alive.”