Kawaii Monster Café, Harajuku

The Kawaii Monster Cafe is the result of a collaboration between artistic director Sebastian Masuda, a pioneer of Japanese kawaii culture and Diamond Dining.

The Café’s theme is “The new Tokyo that nobody has ever seen” (mada Daremo mitakotononai atarashii Tokyo) and actually with its 193 seats, the coffee announces the color being the biggest in Tokyo.

Spread out over 4 different zones : MUSHROOM DISCO,  MILK STAND, BAR EXPERIMENT  & MEL-TEA ROOM, the Kawaii Monster is not original in its look but also with its unbelievable array  of food and drink.

An experience not to miss on your next trip to Tokyo.





THE BEACH – Colette is 20 years old

SNARKITECTURE-THE-BEACH-04-NOAH-KALINA-747x498.jpgLast month, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Parisian concept store,  Colette  imagined an ocean of translucent balls made of recyclable plastic. This event called THE BEACH was located in the nave of the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris . This interactive art installation promised a fun and relaxing moment with friends or family. Designed by SNARKITECTURE  an artists’ studio based in NY and founded by Daniel Arsham and architect Alex Mustonen. For this anniversary,  Colette unveils 20 unique products from the magic lip balm to the designer sunglasses to jewelery, sneakers and an  bike – all limited editions.




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Sweet Sushi

These sushi kit kats are set to hit specialty stores in Ginza, Tokyo in early February. The limited edition edibles will be available in three unique flavors, each drawn from a traditional japanese dish: tuna, sea urchin and egg. ‘Tuna’ is a mix of raspberry chocolate bars placed on a bed of sculpted rice puffs; ‘Sea Urchin’ blends melon with mascarpone cheese, held together by a seaweed wrapping; while ‘Egg’ is pumpkin pudding and rice, encased in a ribbon-like seaweed shell. Bon Appétit ! source : designboom



The Floating Piers

Three kilometres of saffron-coloured pathways temporarily connect the shore of Italy’s Lake Iseo to islands at its centre in this installation by Bulgarian artist Christo. For sixteen days – June 18 through July 3, 2016 (weather permitting) – Italy’s Lake Iseo is being reimagined. 100,000 square meters of shimmering yellow fabric, carried by a modular floating dock system of 220,000 high-density polyethylene cubes, undulate with the movement of the waves as The Floating Piers rise just above the surface of the water.

The new trend : Wearable & Edible Jewelry

TourDeFork designs acrylic rings which you can decorate with fruit, sweets, or any other delicious treats of your fancy. Desserts and fruits become precious jewels to be put on proud display.

FIFT, a Japanese design studio from Okayama, captures the idea of wearing what you love and makes you happy in each moment with the “pick a jewel” collection.

source : Designmilk


Christmas Cactus

This year, how about trading the Christmas tree in favor of something a little bit—well, maybe a lot—more unexpected: a CHRISTMAS CACTUS.
Succulent and cactus haven ” The Sill ” is offering a new Hot Holiday Cacti Collection: several cacti of different sizes that can be decked out with festive pom-poms and colorful trim.
So very New York !
The Sill, 84 Hester Street,

source : VOGUE




Based in Vilnius, Lithuania, Martynas Kazimierenas and Egle Opeikiene of March studio develop original and innovative products. Always on the lookout for new ideas, they observe, test and create new concepts. Their workshop was the birthplace of many inventions and more recently Jollypop, a funny homemade GMO free, gluten free, allergen free & Vegan friendly lollipops. source : trendland

Adoptable Pit Bulls show their Flower Power

Sophie Gamand made flower headpieces and approached three rescue groups in NYC with the idea,  all welcomed the project with enthusiasm.She set up a studio and photographed some of the pit bulls who were up for adoption. Eventually, word spread of Gamand’s initiative and she was approached by Hempstead town animal shelter to organize a ‘flower power ‘shoot for their most urgent dogs. Since then, Gamand has continued to photograph the breed in these shelters and for other rescues, and hopes to take the project to other cities across the world. source : designboom



Nordic Design : Floating House Copenhagen

Lisbeth Juul and Laust Nørgaard are both the dwellers and designers of this floating on the canals of Copenhagen. They have lived in and designed floating homes for almost 30 years.

The couple drew upon their years of experience living on the water to design and build an 860-square-foot floating home in Copenhagen Harbour.

source : trendland




Juul-Nørgaard-Residence-6  Juul-Nørgaard-Residence-7


Ecocapsule – futuristic vibe

The tiny home trend is entering new territory, both in terms of style and sustainability, thanks to Ecocapsule, a compact, environmentally-friendly portable house. According to Bored Panda, the Ecocapsule, which will be available in 2016, will allow users to live off the grid for up to a year, anywhere in the world.

The homes have a futuristic vibe, with their silver exterior and rounded shape, and are designed to be completely self sufficient with their solar panels and a retractable wind turbines. Ecocapsules also collect rain water, making the homes’ running water a possibility.

At approximately 86-square-feet, each Ecocapsule is designed with enough space to sleep two people.

source :




Cuzco’s sleeping pods

Hanging from a sheer cliff face in Peru’s sacred valley of Cuzco, three transparent capsules have been installed, providing accommodation for particularly intrepid guests. to reach the sleeping pods, lodgers must first climb 400 feet (122 meters), or hike an challenging trail using ziplines before enjoying the impressive views of the mystical valley.‬ via design boom


Cloud 9 , FIJI



img_0732 img_6366_1

Cloud 9 is Fiji’s only two level floating platform with an internationally stocked bar and Italian wood-fired pizzeria surrounded by turquoise blue water and picturesque views.

This unique venue has surround sound system throughout, sun decks, hanging chairs and day beds. Cloud 9 is built with precision and creativity giving you an experience like no other

The bar has a capacity of 100 persons, and individuals can look forward to spending a relaxing afternoon lounging on its reclining day beds or hanging chairs, or even swim and snorkel. Cloud 9 stated on its website that other types of water sports are in the works.

Read more:

Fashion Brand Bread Bags and Pancake Purses by Chloe Wise

The duality of the word consumption — defined as both an indulgence of food and a surplus of spending — is a starting point for chloe wise‘s artistic interests. The Canadian-born, New York-based creative toys with themes of luxury and consumerism by recreating some of the fashion industry’s most emblematic merchandise with food.

Cast in urethane and intricately painted with a hyper-realism that constitutes a trompe l’oeil effect, Wise recontextualizes the pricey products as art objects instead of purchasable goods, where food and fashion are rid of their value and become solely symbolic of the frivolity of excess. source : designboom





Hipster Hangout : Cereal Killer Café, Shoreditch London

Opened just recently by identical twins from Belfast, Alan and Gary Keery, the Cereal Killer Café sells over 120 different types of cereal from around the world.  “If we can source it, we will sell it”. They offer British, American and global cereals all at £2.50 for a small bowl with a choice of milks and toppings such as banana or marshmallows. The journalist from TimeOut asked for the most obscure cereal they have: an Oreo cereal from South Korea – “very hard to source”.  A must-see !

Source : taken & edited from TIMEOUT







Pete Peanut’s Fabulous Designer Home

Amusing Images Of A Peanut Living In A Gorgeous Mid-Century Designer Home :

Meet Pete Peanut, the star of a new book titled Pete Peanut and the Trouble with Birthdays by designers Sean Hewens and Mimi O Chun—inspired by a visit to Palms Springs Modernism Week, the duo decided to create perfectly made miniature versions of beautiful mid-century furniture.

Featuring the well-known creations of legendary designers such as George Nelson, Eero Saarinen, Finn Juhl and Florence Knoll, the book actually tells a very amusing fictional story about Pete—who lives in a fabulous home filled with designer furniture—and his peanut friends.

Currently sourcing for funding on Kickstarter—“the world’s smallest Kickstarter campaign”—this adorable and unusual photo book would definitely “look nice on your mid-century modern coffee table”. You can receive a copy by pledging US$25 over here.

Taken from DESIGNTAXI – Dorothy Tan





Conti Beer : Pin up Drink up – Brazil

Brazilian agency WMcCann has designed a creative series of beer can packaging for beer company Conti Bier.

The cans are features a cheeky indicator that allows customers to know when their beer is perfectly chilled.

Featuring an image of a sexy pin-up girl in a white tube dress, the dress gradually fades to reveal her underwear, when it reaches the right temperature. source : designtaxi








Say a Little Prayer provides a fresh, modern means of relating to the spiritual in our fast-paced world. Uniting schools of thought and spirituality from across history and geography, world-renowned creative director Giovanni Bianco presents ten colorful card sets connected with ten spiritual traditions: Brazilian Candomblé, Buddhism, Catholicism, Confucianism, Hinduism, Judaism, Kabbalah, Islam, Protestantism, and Shinto. Each of the ten card decks comes with 11 graphic cards—along with plenty of insight into the positive thoughts that every faith can bring.

Waste Management by Vincent Skoglund

Swedish artist, Vincent Skoglund has been working on a series called Waste Management for some time now. This project is his way to connect with the reality of global warming and bring awareness to this massive issue.
He transforms collections of trash into beautiful abstract materialism, that really does provoke thoughtful consideration of the waste we produce. source : Trendland


vincent-skoglund-waste-management-11-750x938 vincent-skoglund-waste-management-4-750x938 vincent-skoglund-waste-management-7-750x938


Bubble & Stitch, Amsterdam : The New Laundry Experience

BURO NANA have designed the branding and interior design for Bubble&Stitch, a laundrette shop in Amsterdam with a new 24/7- open retail concept based on an app and a locker system. This American concept has already been put into practice across the USA and some European countries, and is opening for the first time in the Netherlands.After registering online and downloading the application, the customer can simply use the service 24/7 to drop off laundry in one of the available clean boxes. A notification is given when the order is ready for collection. Services include dry cleaning, ironing and small repairs. source thecontemporist




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bu_020215_08-800x533 bu_020215_07-800x556

Amsterdam Pop Up : The Loft

The Loft is a periodically recurring pop up store, hosted by Amsterdam venue and event space The Playing Circle. Everything in the beautifully decorated showroom is deep rooted in craftsmanship and natural materials and the rotating designs provide endless amounts of inspiration for any dweller looking to give their home a lift. Plus anything and everything in The Loft is for sale. source :






Yes ! it’s finally reality… Translate App.

Google has updated its ‘Translate’ app to let you translate words in real-time with your smartphone camera.

To use, simply load your camera and point your phone at the text or sign you want to translate, and the translated words will appear on your screen. The best part is it’s totally free and you don’t need an internet connection to access the app. source : designtaxi


artists use found items to stage elaborate scenography on NYC streets

Local photographer justin bettman and brooklyn-based prop stylist gozde eker, use randomly found items to stage to create residential landscapes “set in the street”. The props and furnished remain untouched allowing passersby to create their own reality within the crafted setting and upload their visual responses to instagram using the hashtag #setinthestreet. source : designboom



Poetic City Rooftop Hideaway in Athens

Architects Panos Dragonas and Varvara Christopoulou believe there is no longer anywhere remote enough to build a wilderness hideaway, so have instead proposed a cabin raised above the Athens rooftops.

This prompted the Greek architects to develop a new structure that allows the contemporary city dweller to escape a taxing daily routine without venturing into the wilderness.

Their proposal, named Detached, comprises a small cabin of just nine square metres. It takes the form of a typical wooden shed, but is also elevated above the city’s rooftop landscape on four slender columns. Source :




Takaya & his fabulous headdresses

Japanese artist Takaya adorns the heads of models with raw vegetables and blossoming flowers. The artist affixes the clusters of plants to styled hair, just like a florist would arrange a bunch of flowers, before pruning them with hairdressing scissors. This unusual form of decoration is used for both live performances and weddings.

Models appear on stage with fabric bags on their heads. The bags are removed and the artist attaches clusters of plants to their styled hair, in the same way that a florist might arrange a bunch of flowers, before pruning them with hairdressing scissors. The pieces are created during live performances, accompanied by stringed instruments playing an improvised score.

Source :


Flower-art-works-by-Hanayuishi-Takaya_dezeen_468_13 Flower-art-works-by-Hanayuishi-Takaya_dezeen_468_0

Flower-art-works-by-Hanayuishi-Takaya_dezeen_468_9 dezeen_Hanayui-by-Takaya-Hanayuishi_3

Kodak – the return, a photograph focused smartphone

After years of looking like it is going to fade into irrelevance, Kodak has just announced that it would be releasing smartphones next year, which would no doubt ride on the brand’s heritage in photography.

In collaboration with English mobile device manufacturer Bullitt, Kodak has revealed that the smartphones would be powered by Android, and would offer “best-in-class image management software and features along with great design and UI”.

Earlier in 2013, the company unveiled a concept smartphone named the “Instamatic 2014” that is an Android device with a 14-megapixel sensor, HD video recording and a real viewfinder, among other cool features—it is unclear if the actual smartphones to be launched at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas in January 2015 would be similar to this concept.

source : designtaxi


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AIRBNB’s very unique accommodation – Galeries Lafayette, Paris

Airbnb is known for allowing travelers to stay in unique accommodations, and its “A Night At” contest series takes this reputation to a new level. The Airbnb activity is designed to unlock places around the world where it’s never before been possible to spend the night.

On January 6, 2015, the eve of the “soldes,” the participants will get to spend the night inside the chic department store located on the Boulevard Haussman, which will be closed to the public during their stay. Following their arrival from 8:00pm, they can take advantage of a personal shopper to help them select and set aside items in a sneak preview. The guests will then be served dinner before falling asleep on beds set up underneath the store’s famous red dome.

The next morning, after breakfast, they will leave with their purchases! – reblogged from

Now that’s one way to start the year ………


Galeries-Lafayette-Christmas-2014-600x400 Galeries-Lafayette-door-600x400GALERIES-LAFAYETTE-2014-600x400