The OZONEDESIGNLIFESTYLE blog has the latest news in architecture, design and the arts. With this blog you will travel the world and discover hot new places : restaurants, hotels, architecture, travel spots. You’ll find out what is new in design, the latest exhibits and all about the up-and-coming designers and their creations. OZONEDESIGNLIFESTYLE embraces world architecture. It is inspiring, enriching and simply fun to find out what is going on all over the world in terms of creativity.

But the present and the future are not the only points on our horizon, we relish the past as well. You will find regularly on OZONEDESIGNLIFESTYLE references to iconic movie stars, cult tv series, artwork, toys, architecture and design and much more. Moments from cultures of the world that have left an impression if not more. They will be the  flashes from the past.

How this blog came about : After owning a contemporary home accessories boutique called OZONE for 15 years  and later moving on to become the buyer of the Home & Gift department for a luxury department store, starting this blog was the natural extension of these activities allowing one to explore and share news from all around the world. Together with  instagram  & pinterest – these different channels allow OZONE to create and express.

There is an incredible amount of talent around, energy and ideas to appreciate and wonderful places to discover in the world and the ozonedesignlifestyle blog would like to share this with you.


  1. What a fantastic little blog you have here. I stumbled upon it through researching the UUfie lake house cottage here in Ontario, Canada. Your content is eye catching and really great.


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