TOG SODA by Philippe Stark, Milan Expo 2015

One of the many themes of the Milano Expo is Energy for Creativity. Architects and designers have been asked to create temporary installations to offer their subjective interpretations of the theme Energy for Life. The Event for 2015 of Interni becomes a place of experimentation for the prototyping of installations on different scales re-presenting their design message on an urban scale for the international audience of Expo 2015. This will be an encounter and exchange with disciplinary synergies to nourish minds and creativity.

PHILIPPE STARK’s contribution is the TOG SODA –  the drink is made entirely from organic ingredients. An infusion of dried hibiscus flowers provides a sharp core flavour, while juices of pomegranate and cranberry offer a refreshing twang. A pinch of stevia, the natural sweetener, is sprinkled in for good measure. The resulting concoction, served up in TOG-labelled glasses, proved immensely popular among fairgoers.

Starck believes that his drink goes back to the fundamental idea of design, ‘to serve our community’.


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