AIRBNB’s very unique accommodation – Galeries Lafayette, Paris

Airbnb is known for allowing travelers to stay in unique accommodations, and its “A Night At” contest series takes this reputation to a new level. The Airbnb activity is designed to unlock places around the world where it’s never before been possible to spend the night.

On January 6, 2015, the eve of the “soldes,” the participants will get to spend the night inside the chic department store located on the Boulevard Haussman, which will be closed to the public during their stay. Following their arrival from 8:00pm, they can take advantage of a personal shopper to help them select and set aside items in a sneak preview. The guests will then be served dinner before falling asleep on beds set up underneath the store’s famous red dome.

The next morning, after breakfast, they will leave with their purchases! – reblogged from

Now that’s one way to start the year ………


Galeries-Lafayette-Christmas-2014-600x400 Galeries-Lafayette-door-600x400GALERIES-LAFAYETTE-2014-600x400

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